Hey, I'm Flo, a software developer from Germany, currently living in Canada.

Here's the quick life story for the stalkers:

  • 1985-2005: Grew up in Moers.
  • 2006-2011: Studied computer science at RWTH Aachen University (graduated B.Sc.+M.Sc.).
  • 2008-2011: Got bored with the non-theoretical courses of computer science, so I started mathematics as a second major and nerded out on some abstract algebra and number theory (graduated B.Sc.). One of my professors used to refer to pure math as "intellectual masturbation". It was lots of fun, but not super useful (career-wise). But I think that's why I liked it.
  • 2011-2012: Became a PhD student / research assistant for cryptography/security/privacy. Turns out academia isn't my thing (although I really enjoyed teaching). I quit the PhD program.
  • 2013-present: Moved to Canada to work on cool shit for Shopify.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile if you want more details.

I occasionally work on open source software projects. Noteworthy ones that I've contributed to include jekyll, restic, resque, semian, liquid, rails, activeresource, shipit, cacheable, ... I also have a bunch of (mostly unimpressive) projects of my own.